An honest story about artabout emotion

Art is emotion.

Goosebumps and tears

When was the last time you had goose bumps and tears? Was it when you were swooned by a piece of art? An emotion, a sensation that lasted?

That is what a piece of art will do, it brings out something tender, it makes you contemplate about life the way it is and enriches and improves your life.

Charleen’s Gallery creates the right environment for the perfect sensation, by using unique location and a selection of artists.

Passion for art

What once began as the passion for art of one man, grew out to a project that makes art accessible for many.

Everyone can experience emotion, be touched by an image or a painting and contemplate about themselves or their environment.

Charleen’s Gallery’s goal is to bring art and emotion to you. Art makes the difference in your life.

The perfect sensation

Your guaranty for a perfect sensation at Charleen’s Gallery:

– unique locations;
– selected artists;
– peace and quiet to discover;
– get acquainted with the artist and his work.

I am the doodle woman

Joke Neyrinck

I intentionally make 'objects as memories' inspired by happenings of the everyday. How can daily events allow people to become attached to a place?

Aiko Kubo

As an artist, my task is to have the spectator look at the world with a different look

Gert De Keyser

Wat is mijn identiteit en aan wiens kant sta ik bij sociale conflicten?

Frederick Van Grootel

The work of Colin Smith is Rooted in the Everyday World

Colin Smith

Schilderen wat in het hart leeft, is en blijft de grootste uitdaging

Christiane Vleugels

Schilderen is mijn passie

Olivier Ameye

Werken met houtskool is helemaal mijn ding

Philippe Denissen

Would you like
to discover our artists and their works of art?

You love to take time to purchase a piece of art. You are very welcome at our locations, where you can get acquainted with art and emotion peacefully. No doubt you will find what you are looking for.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We are happy to assist you.